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Mission & Vision


Texas Public Archaeology Network is a program with a mission to promote public appreciation of and participation in archaeology throughout the state of Texas. The shared goal of the network is to use the science of archaeology to create meaningful connections between Texans and our State’s rich cultural heritage. TxPAN aims to achieve this mission by serving as a collaborative and inclusive resource for Texas’ professional and avocational archaeological community. TxPAN seeks to provide this community with existing and new communications, marketing and educational tools to effectively promote archaeology and cultural resources among wider public audiences.


TxPAN Envisions:Archaeologists teaching children archaeological mapping techniques.

  • A collaborative and inclusive resource where the science of archeology connects us all to the people, places, and stories of the past.
  • A place where people discover how the science of archeology reveals the people of the past.
  • Where everyone discovers the stories of Texas through the science of archeology.
  • Every Texan discovers their own story through the science of archeology.
  • Where people’s stories are told through the science of archeology.
  • A state where everyone sees that they have a place in the story of humanity.
    • It’s your story too. It’s our story.
  • Everyone seeing archeology not as stuff but as people.
    • The story lies beyond the object itself.
  • Archeology not just seen as exotic, but as important.